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3M Scott Vision C5 Facepiece

3M Scott Vision C5 Facepiece

See more. Hear what matters. Breathe easier.

Designed using a platform approach, the Vision C5 facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 regulator incorporates the latest technology to enhance situational intelligence, while providing a customizable solution to meet the changing needs of today’s firefighter.



Radio Direct Interface                                                                                                                                    

- Provides wireless radio communications utilizing existing compatible field radios

In-Mask Communications

- Enhance voice intelligibility during two-way radio communications

Bone Conduction Headphones

- Bone Conduction Headphones Enhance operator hearing and understanding of incoming radio communications

Automated Voice Prompts

- Provide operator with verbal notification of changing system conditions

Integrated Volume Switch

- Allows operator to adjust volume level based on hearing acuity and environmental conditions

Single-Button Operation

- Simple, intuitive operation for powering on/off electronics

Multi-Platform Solution

- Approved with compatible 3M™ Scott™ Air-Pak™ SCBA, as well as compatible two-way radios

Multipurpose Solution

- Enables continuous operation when transitioning between tactical (on air) and non-tactical (off air) use

Rechargeable Battery

- Intrinsically safe lithium-ion battery

Software Configurable

- Modify settings using iOS or Android™ compatible mobile application