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3M SCOTT X3 PRO 2018

3M SCOTT X3 PRO 2018

3MTM-ScottTM Air-Pak TM X3 Pro SCBA is compliant to NFPA 1981, SCBA and NFPA 1982, PASS 2018 Editions.  The X3 Pro SCBA is built on a foundation of redundant safety features, providing unparalleled performance in demanding life safety environments and backed up with a new “As Long As You Own It” lifetime warranty.  With a new articulating waist pad and an improved shoulder harness enhances the wearer’s comfort and mobility.  

Features & Options 

  • New C5 Mask offers a wider field of view with a single reflex face seal
  • New C5 E-Z Flo Regulator with enhanced breathing performance 
  • Easily removable harness assembly for cleaning and decon
  • Integrated Drag Rescue Loop capable of 1,000 lbs. pull strength      
  • Snap-Change or threaded CGA air cylinder connection in 2.2, 4.5 or 5.5 PSI
  • UEBSS “Buddy Breather” option     
  • 360o “Buddy” LED lights for low-air and PASS status  
  • Wireless air management option allowing monitoring of air level and PASS status     
  • Wireless Bluetooth radio connectivity options