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Phos-Chek Class A foam was introduced over 20 years ago and has been widely used by government agencies around the world who are responsible for municipal, wildland, and industrial fire management. Phos-Chek WD 881 and WD 881C Class A foam concentrates continue to be the product of choice based on unparalleled superior performance.

Phos-Chek offers several different Class A foam products. All of the Phos-Chek brand Class A foam products have been tested and approved for use by the U.S. Forest Service. The U.S. Forest Service tests for corrosion properties along with environmental, safety and health testing. These tests ensure that the product is safe for the personnel who use it and safe for the environment. The U.S. Forest Service tests also ensure that the product will not deteriorate equipment, apparatus, or aircraft used to mix or apply the product.

Phos-Chek WD 881 has also been tested and is a UL Listed Wetting Agent passing the UL test requirements at a very low use rate of 0.1%. WD 881 is significantly more concentrated than many other products currently available and can be used at much lower rates. UL Wetting Agent tests include fire suppression testing on Class A and Class B combustibles.

Phos-Chek Class A foam concentrates are specifically formulated to make water more effective. The unique combination of surfactants significantly reduces water’s surface tension, creates a superior foam blanket when mixed with air that surrounds fuels with a thick layer of water, creates a barrier between the fuel and the fire, allows fire fighters to see application areas, and knocks down fire faster than water alone.

Phos-Chek WD 881 performs exceptionally well in all foam application equipment including Compressed Air Foam (CAFS) systems.

Class A Foam Benefits:

Reflects radiant heat and is highly visible
Insulates fuels and excludes oxygen
Absorbs maximum BTU’s due to its large surface area
Clings to vertical surfaces and acts as a water reservoir
Penetrates water into fuels because of its low surface tension
Solutions made with Phos-Chek WD 881 are economical:
Typically 3 gal. per 1000 gal. of water cost pennies per gallon.

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