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TFT Ball Intake Valve

TFT Ball Intake Valve

Are you tired of all your “piston intake valve” problems?

Here is your answer.

With great attention to detail being directed towards corrosion resistance with their new Ball Intake Valve, TFT has introduced the problem solver and here is why:


  • No water left inside of the valve when the ball is closed
  • 30 degree intake swivel with multiple positive locking detents allowing truck operators to move their supply lines away from the area they need access and improving fire fighter safety
  • Maximum operating pressure of 200 psi with easy adjustable relief valve settings
  • The aluminum castings, inside and out, are plastic impregnated, hard coated anodized and then powered coated to provide maximum corrosion protection
  • All of the components on the wet side of the valve are stainless steel for additional corrosion protection
  • Hand wheel made from engineered polymers to provide durability without handle breaking
  • Unique open valve indicator for easy visibility for the operator and valve positioning
  • .75” rugged aluminum air bleeder valve
  • Diamond shaped engineered polymer swivel bearing allows long term ease of swivel operation

Stop throwing money towards fixing your older piston intake valves, replace them with the TFT Ball Intake Valve, and eliminate this problem from your list.